Seattle thus far has given no indication it would opt to enforce its rights

When the Seahawks signed Lynch to a new contract in 2015, they paid him a $7.5 million signing bonus. Under the terms of the CBA, any player who retires can be required to pay back any signing bonus money that was not accounted for on the salary cap at the time of his release.

Seattle thus far has given no indication it would opt to enforce its rights, but it likely will if Lynch decides he wants to play for Oakland.

If Lynch is reinstated and the Seahawks do release him, the team has the right to recollect $2.5 million. That’s an expensive proposition for Lynch, especially since Seattle would not seek repayment if Lynch were to stay retired.

Lynch under that scenario likely would want to be compensated by the Raiders to cover the $2.5 million, plus whatever other salary he would need to actually play football. Given the fact that running backs are not paid as much these days, the costs create a difficult scenario for all parties.

Trier, a 6’5 shooting guard, is a gifted scorer when he’s locked in. He led Arizona with 17.2 points per game last season while shooting 46 percent from the field and 39.1 percent from three-point range. Trier will be seeking redemption as a junior after his sophomore campaign was marred by a PED suspension that cost him the first 19 games of the year.

Trier’s absence was one of the great mysteries of the early part of the college basketball season. Speculation started when he was pulled out of Pac-12 media day, and continued as he showed up at team events in street clothes throughout the first two months of the year. Miller refused to update his status along the way before the news finally broke in January.


the Rooney name is on the level of Halas and Mara.

The lawsuit also claims Skiba doctored a helmet from 2008 to make it appear as the one Manning wore in the Super Bowl that season.
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Coincidentally, the emails were revealed the same week that Sports Illustrated did a longform about the recovery of Tom Bradys stolen Super Bowl jerseys. In the article, former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs said a collector emailed him claiming to have purchased his game-worn Super Bowl XLII jersey, helmet, pants, and thigh pads from a Giants equipment manager.

In pro football history, the Rooney name is on the level of Halas and Mara. Now a member of the second generation of the family is gone. Dan Rooney, who died Thursday at age 84, was chairman of the team and ran it after the patriarch passed in 1988.

Jason Thompson Womens Jersey Under the fathers leadership, the team went from perpetual losers to the gold standard for success, with their four Super Bowls in the 1970s. Under Dan — not yet a year old when Art founded the franchise — they won two more, after the 2005 and 08 seasons, and reached two others.

But it wasnt just because they won those Lombardi trophies that the Steelers were — and are — the bar every other team tries to reach. Its because, even in the relatively lean years, the Steelers never wavered in the way they conducted business and constructed a team.

Good news: South Alabama is no longer on the schedule. A home-and-home with Joey Jones Jaguars proved strangely disastrous; the Aztecs went 0-2 against USA in 2015-16 and 22-4 against everyone else. But in both years, losses to South Alabama proved to be catalysts.

In 2015, they lost 34-27 at home, fought Penn State the next week, then won 10 straight games.

Texans exercise option to keep Jadeveon Clowney through 2018 season, report says

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Lynch was the replacement for Willis McGahee, who was traded to the Ravens in the 2007 offseason. On his way out of town, McGahee gave a series of quotes about his distaste for Buffalo, a town he felt had unattractive women and little in the way of nightlife besides chain restaurants. Which led to this absolutely brilliant Kenny Mayne video about Lynch’s passion for living it up at chain restaurants.

As a matter of fact, he ate at Applebee’s 12 times during the bye week.

I love the ambiance… I love the decor… I spend a lot of time trying to figure out which one I love more: the ambiance, or the decor.
Alex Cobb Authentic Jersey Lynch managed a thousand yards in his first two years and was selected to the Pro Bowl in his second season, but was unable to gain his starting spot back from Fred Jackson after missing the first three games of the 2009 season with a suspension. He was traded during the 2010 season to the Seahawks for fourth and fifth round draft picks.

Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, the anchor of the Texans defense that led the NFL last season in fewest yards allowed, is now under the team’s control through the 2018 season.

The Houston Chronicle reported Friday the Texans have picked up Clowney’s fifth-year option for 2018. This upcoming season would have been the final year of Clowney’s four-year rookie contract.

This is what your eyeball looks like after a puck hits it, courtesy of Zach Werenski

When Phil Kessel’s shot rode up Zach Werenski’s stick and into his face, it was the turning moment of Game 3. And the end of the Columbus Blue Jackets rookie’s terrific season.

Authentic Kids Morten Andersen Jersey That … is a lot of dead blood vessels. Or whatever makes bruises happen. That’s a big bruise. I’m sorry he had to do this to all of us.

And that it happened in the first place. Fans wondered why play didn’t stop while he bled on the ice, but the rule was pretty clear.

Authentic Kids Joe Thomas Jersey #NHL on-site officiating supervisor Don Koharski refuses to say if correct call was made by play continuing with Werenski down, bleeding.

Them’s the breaks. Or the bruises. At any rate, the Blue Jackets tied the game minutes later, rendering the controversy moot. But that bruise on Werenski’s face won’t go away nearly as soon. In fact, it will keep him out for the rest of the season. Most of the line returns, though that only matters if coaches trust more linemen to contribute. Only five made more than 7 tackles a year ago, and two are gone. When end Gabe Perez was lost to injury early in the year, BSU just tightened the rotation. That worked out alright; David Moa and ends Jabril Frazier and Durrant Miles combined for 20 tackles for loss, 13.5 sacks, and four breakups, and BSU’s run defense was mostly decent. But there were breakdowns, and BSU wasn’t as good in the second half as it was in the first half.

Perez’s return could account for the loss of star end Sam McCaskill, but more options are needed, be they veterans like tackle Daniel Auelua or Perez or younger contributors (sophomore tackles Chase Hatada, Matt Locher, and Emmanuel Fesili, redshirt freshman ends Kayode Rufai, Jabari Watson, and Derriyon Shaw).

Masters 2017: Bubba Watson apologizes for dissing golf writer after missed cut

Bubba Watson, who missed the first cut of his Masters career on Friday, apologized for a “bad joke” in which he took out some of his frustrations on a golf writer.

“Golf is tough; I don’t know if you’ve ever played it,” Watson said, according to the Charleston Post and Courier’s Gene Sapakoff. “But writing articles is easy.”

Watson made his remarks after a tough day at the Masters, which began with four straight bogeys and ended with three bogeys on the back, including at the 18th, and the early exit.

Watson, who has had a down year with just one top-10 finish since September’s Tour Championship, apologized on Sapakoff’s timeline:

To be clear, Romo came through far more than he blew it. It just so happens that he blew quite a few games where Dallas’ season was on the line. However, it’s a new regime in Dallas now, and even the most diehard Romo supporters will begrudgingly admit that they prefer the measured, risk-averse style of Dak Prescott and his 23:4 TD to INT ratio to Romo’s heart attack-inducing, Favre-esque relapses. The highs might not be as high with Dak as they were with Romo, but the ride is much smoother. Romo was a rollercoaster. Dak is a Cadillac.

We’re peculiar about who we give passes to and who we decide will permanently bear the blame, no matter the circumstances. There’s usually no rhyme or reason on why or how we dole out these designations. Some people are Ferris Bueller. Others are Meg Griffin. That’s just the way shit goes.

Kelly also has track record of doing this sort of thing.

Of the three games on tap tonight, these hold the most significance. Ottawa is free-falling, and a date with the eliminated Wings is a great chance to right the ship. Toronto can keep up their strong few weeks with a road win against the Sabres.

“There are no bad football teams,” Kelly said Monday, when the school introduced seven new assistant coaches. “There’s just poorly led football teams. I led this team poorly.”

But now he back to heaping some shade, this time on a former player. FSU coach Jimbo Fisher had an awkward situation about comments he reportedly made to the GM of the Bills at the time about former QB EJ Manuel. Fisher reportedly did not disparage Manuel character, but that Manuel was limited as a prospect. The Bills still took Manuel as the first QB in that draft.

This kind of thing usually comes across as coaches wanting their talented QBs to stay for another year, so programs can continue profiting off unpaid athletes. It comment is going to convince a QB to return, though, and coaches have said these things about players who were seniors anyway.
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Limited Womens Mikko Rantanen Jersey But unlike Carroll and Fisher, who confined their criticisms to on-the-field stuff,
Kelly also has track record of doing this sort of thing.

Pro athletes voice their disgust at NCAA championship game refs

North Carolina vs. Gonzaga should have been the exciting culmination of a tournament’s worth of hard work. Instead, it became a whistle-fest from the refs where it felt like every single possession was tainted by foul calls, and the pace of the game was destroyed. Almost everyone was upset with what transpired, especially basketball players.

While the new law meets the minimal NCAA requirements, the board remains concerned that some may perceive North Carolina’s moratorium against affording opportunities for communities to extend basic civil rights as a signal that discriminatory behavior is permitted and acceptable, which is inconsistent with the NCAA Bylaws.
Womens D.J. Fluker Jersey The NCAA also added in its position that if there are future events in the state of North Carolina, some of its own non-discriminatory rules will be enacted.

Brandon Mashinter Womens Jersey We have been assured by the state that this new law allows the NCAA to enact its inclusive policies by contract with communities, universities, arenas, hotels, and other service providers that are doing business with us, our students, other participants, and fans. Further, outside of bathroom facilities, the new law allows our campuses to maintain their own policies against discrimination, including protecting LGBTQ rights, and allows cities’ existing nondiscrimination ordinances, including LBGTQ protections, to remain effective.

Who they added in free agency: Tackle Riley Reiff, formerly of the Detroit Lions, was a good pickup for the Vikings. Reiff ended up at right tackle for the Lions last season after rookie Taylor Decker won the starting left tackle role, but now will take over at left tackle for Kalil, who signed with the Carolina Panthers.

The Vikings also added right tackle Mike Remmers, who had been with the Panthers. Like Reiff, Remmers has the versatility to play either side. He filled in at left tackle in Carolina for most of last season with Michael Oher sidelined with a lingering concussion.

Patriots vs. Panthers 2017: Carolina ‘admirable’ in controversial win

The contest had it all from some trash-talking by Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith and Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib, to a controversial ending that will be leading plenty of sports shows on Tuesday.

On the final play, Tom Brady threw into the end zone for Rob Gronkowski, who was hauled down by Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly with the ball in flight. However, the flag initially thrown was picked up, the refs ruling the ball was uncatchable due to a Carolina defender intercepting the pass.

Prior to that madness, there was the third quarter, which did not feature a single incompletion by either quarterback.

Dion Jordan Mens Jersey Westbrook scored 16 of the Thunder鈥檚 final 18 points, but he was still mad when he clanked a 19-foot jump shot off the rim that would have put the team ahead. He let head coach Billy Donovan know that he wouldn鈥檛 disappoint if they got the ball back.

鈥淚 told him I鈥檓 not gonna miss another one,鈥?Westbrook said.

Still, Oklahoma City needed the ball back. They smothered Dallas in the backcourt once, forcing a timeout and another inbounds play. On the second, Westbrook read a pass perfectly, leaving his man to tip it out of bounds and off J.J. Barea. If you wanted to see more than triple-doubles 鈥?which, by the way, he recorded his 37th one on Monday 鈥?there you have it. If you need to see winning plays from Westbrook, not just him tallying up uncontested rebounds, then just rewatch the final 3:30 on Monday. Everything Westbrook did contributed directly to a win.

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