Red Sox pitcher Drew Pomeranz leaves spring training start early with tightness in left triceps

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Left-hander Drew Pomeranz left a start one inning earlier than expected Sunday, and once again, the Boston Red Sox are hoping a starting pitcher hasn’t suffered a serious injury.

Pomeranz complained of tightness in his left triceps, a sensation that developed in the first inning against the Minnesota Twins and persisted through the second. He threw 47 pitches and didn’t come out for a third scheduled inning.

Although Pomeranz described the issue as “nothing crazy” and told reporters he doesn’t believe it’s anything serious, the Red Sox must be wary. Pomeranz experienced left elbow/forearm stiffness late last season and received a stem-cell injection over the winter.
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“It’s not related to the area that was addressed in the offseason,” Farrell told reporters, nevertheless adding that the team will “be careful” with Pomeranz.

Even if the Saints sign Daniel as their backup, they could consider drafting a quarterback this year. Although Brees is still thriving, he is 38 years old and heading into the final year of his contract.

Daniel is back on the market after requesting his release from the Eagles earlier this month. Daniel reportedly wanted a chance to compete for a starting job elsewhere after getting stuck behind rookie Carson Wentz in Philadelphia last year. The Eagles signed Daniel to a three-year, $21 million contract to compete for a starting job before they drafted Wentz.

I called a lot of man coverages, and I blitzed on nearly every play.

Oakland Raiders Game Jersey Oh goodness gracious. This was my first clear indication that things might proceed more horribly and wrongly than Breaking Madden has ever seen.

This time around, I played as the Panthers for every single offensive, defensive, and special-teams snap. I never took control of the Buccaneers, because I wanted our Schianos to make every decision of their own volition.

Deone Bucannon Elite Jersey I called a lot of man coverages, and I blitzed on nearly every play. Quarterback Greg Schiano had about …

… 1.2 seconds available between receiving the ball, and having a non-Schiano man all over him. To his credit, Greg Schiano did find a few open targets, namely Greg Schiano, Greg Schiano, and Greg Schiano. They were all short gains, though, and the Bucs never managed a first down.

Coming off back-to-back wins, the Panthers are 3-3 and have a chance to move above .500 for the first time since Ron Rivera took over as the head coach. Carolina had some offensive issues early in the season, but has looked better recently. The Panthers are averaging 34.3 points in victories and 12.0 points in losses this season.

Newton appears to have taken the next step as a passer and is coming off arguably the best passing game of his career. He threw for just 204 yards against the Rams, but completed 15-of-17 passes, good for 12.0 yards per attempt. He’s averaging 7.8 YPA this season and 9.2 YPA in October.

The Panthers defense is in the discussion of the best units in the NFL. Carolina is second in points allowed and have allowed the third-fewest yards per game. Carolina is solid across the board, ranking fifth against the pass and fourth against the run.

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Who is on the NCAA tournament selection committee for college basketball?

For two hours on Sunday, CBS will unveil the 68 teams destined for March Madness. There will be jubilation for the teams that hear their names called and heartbreak for those who aren’t extended an invite.

But who is in charge of selecting and seeding those 68?

Meet the NCAA selection committees, or the ones who determine team ranks each week and orchestrate all of March’s madness.

As for the four teams likely to play in Dayton, there are eight candidates, one of whom seems to be a lock. Of the remaining seven, all have deeply flawed profiles, and the top five squads are more likely to be selected than the bottom two. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me to see any of these teams picked or left out. The Selection Committee could probably draw names from a hat and be fine. The arguments are all going to be the same afterward, anyway.

On to the capsules, starting with a team that only fell down here after Rhode Island’s win, and ending with two longshots that honestly deserve a long look.

But nearly a year before the 2016-17 team took the court for the first time, things started heading south. It began with Giles tearing his ACL for the second time that November, shortly before he committed.

The road back has been a slow one, further complicated by knee surgery in the preseason that caused him to miss the first 11 games. He’s still far from 100 percent and has struggled at times to ease into the college game, especially considering the rest of his team and competition had the benefit of an entire preseason and pre-conference season.

That’s part of the reason why many outside the program believed Giles shouldn’t play at all this season. His talent is undeniable, so he would surely be a high NBA draft pick based on potential alone. There isn’t much he could gain personally by playing half a season at Duke and further jeopardizing his health.

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The Rockets are third in the Western Conference with a 42-19 record

Terrance Ferguson joins the show to talk about his time in Australia, his improvement over the season, and his NBA Draft preparations. Then, the Overtime crew breaks down all of the deals that went down before the Trade Deadline.

“I’ll train in Dallas for the whole of March, I’ll train in LA sometimes. I’ll train in Miami at IMG Academy sometimes, then I’ll start going to team workouts. Definitely a busy schedule ahead, but I’m looking forward to it.”

PODCAST! Terrance Ferguson joins the show to talk about his time in Australia, his improvement over the season, and his NBA Draft preparations. Then, the Overtime crew breaks down all of the deals that went down before the Trade Deadline.

Ferguson just completed his NBL stint with the Adelaide 36ers, playing a minor role as the team rose to a league-leading 17-11 record, before the side, led by Jerome Randle, bowed out of the playoffs in the semi-final.

The 6’7 wing averaged 4.6 points and 1.1 rebound per game, shooting 31.3 percent from beyond the arc and walking away with the 2016-17 regular season’s ‘Dunk of the Year’ honours.

Jonathan Feigen, writing for the Houston Chronicle, said the Australian veteran would consider Houston as a possible destination but conceded “the Rockets are a longshot to sign Bogut, according to two individuals familiar with his decision-making though they can offer the largest salary from among the Cavaliers, Spurs and Celtics”.

The Rockets are third in the Western Conference with a 42-19 record and have a clear roster spot and space under the cap to accommodate Bogut.

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